Day 12: Inheritance | 30 Days of Coding | HackerRank | Java Language

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Language: Java 7

class Student extends Person{
    private int[] testScores;
    private int sum = 0;
    double avrg;

    *   Class Constructor
    *   @param firstName - A string denoting the Person's first name.
    *   @param lastName - A string denoting the Person's last name.
    *   @param id - An integer denoting the Person's ID number.
    *   @param scores - An array of integers denoting the Person's test scores.
    // Write your constructor here
    Student(String fn,String ln,int id,int []testScore){
        super(fn, ln, id);
        this.testScores = testScore;

    *   Method Name: calculate
    *   @return A character denoting the grade.
    // Write your method here
    char calculate()
        for(int i = 0;i < testScores.length;i++){
            sum += testScores[i];
        avrg = sum / (testScores.length);
        if(avrg >= 90)return 'O';
        else if(avrg >= 80)return 'E';
        else if(avrg >= 70)return 'A';
        else if(avrg >= 55)return 'P';
        else if(avrg >= 40)return 'D';
        else return 'T';


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