Day 13: Abstract Classes | 30 Days of Coding | HackerRank | Java Language

**Before watching this make sure that you’ve tried enough**
Language: Java 7

// Declare your class here. Do not use the 'public' access modifier.
class MyBook extends Book 

    // Declare the price instance variable
    private int prc;
    *   Class Constructor
    *   @param title The book's title.
    *   @param author The book's author.
    *   @param price The book's price.
    // Write your constructor here
    MyBook(String ttl, String athr, int prc)
        super(ttl, athr);
        this.prc = prc;
    *   Method Name: display
    *   Print the title, author, and price in the specified format.
    // Write your method here
    void display(){
        System.out.println("Title: "+title);
        System.out.println("Author: "+author);
        System.out.println("Price: "+this.prc);
// End class


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